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An OS X 3D acquisition file visualizer and editor






Mokka is an OS X tool based on VTK, BTK, and Qt which provides a 3D environment to visualize and edit acquisition files.

BTK is the acronym for Biomechanical ToolKit an it is an open-source and cross-platform library for biomechanical analysis.

Mokka uses the file format MVC (Mokka Model Visual Configuration) to configure the visual aspects of the acquisition (markers' color, markers' size…).

Mokka loads automatically a visual configuration when you open an acquisition file with the same name (try to load it from the list or from the acquisitions' folder).

Mokka is able to receive file dragged and dropped from your file browser to the 3D view.

Mokka is compatible with several file formats used in biomechanics:
· C3D file format
· TRB file format: Motion Analysis
· TRC file format: Motion Analysis
· RAH file format: BTS Bioengineering (Elite)
· RAW file format: BTS Bioengineering (Elite)
· RIC file format: BTS Bioengineering (Elite)
Last updated on May 8th, 2013
Mokka - From Mokka's main window you will be able to view, play and choose different parameters for your biomechanical file.Mokka - Mokka provides split-view for better observation of the changes and movements in the project.Mokka - The View menu helps you obtain additional information and metadata related to your work.MokkaMokkaMokkaMokkaMokka

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