Mischief for Mac2.1.2

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A very powerful an easy to use sketching, drawing and painting software solution developed for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms.






Mischief is a very handy drawing application that allows you to use strokes as vectors in order to create  beautiful art.

Mischief allows you to create a sketch of your current project and the start painting, based on it. It also allows you to zoom to see even the tiniest detail and them come back to the original visualization mode.

Each of the available pixels is defined by its color, which you can easily and quickly change, if you want to.

After the painting process is complete, you can save your project and import into any supported application. Mischief's rendered images are super smooth and the output projects are indeed works of art.

Mischief comes with a professional stroke representation that brings you multiple pixel brushes and vector scalability.

Furthermore, Mischief provides you with an infinite canvas, making it much easier to work without being constrained by space.

Based on the power of modern GPUs, Mischief provides you with great performance for each of the available artworks.

Despite creating very detailed projects, the size of output files in smaller, when compared to applications like Illustrator and Photoshop.

Moreover, Mischief is very easy to use and intuitive, doesn't require a manual or tutorial and you can easily get right on the job after starting the application.

All paper styles, tools, pens and layers can be accessed at any given time from the right side of the window, making it very easy to create beautiful art on a Mac.
Last updated on September 8th, 2015
Mischief - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to easily process the selected image.Mischief - From the Edit menu you can choose to clear or reset canvas, as well as cut, copy or paste selection.Mischief - From the Layers menu you can create, delete or merge layers, as well as move them with ease.Mischief - screenshot #4

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