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A fun and entertaining graphical application designed to automatically mix different parts of multiple human faces and create amusing images

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If you like editing photos in order to create intriguing and funny images using multiple image sources for your project than, Make a Face is the application you are looking for.

Make a Face is an interesting application that splits photographs of human faces into multiple quadrants based on a single common point, the center tip of the nose. All obtained photo parts are mixed and merged into an animated video that underlines the differences between the used faces.

Thanks to Make a Face you can create numerous hilarious pictures composed using numerous facial pictures of you, your friends and family. You can obtain a large number of interesting videos with different combinations.

What is more, you can use any picture you like, from pictures with your friends, family and co-workers to politicians, historical figures and stars. The mixing possibilities are endless and can offer amusing videos and new perspectives. Another great feature is Make a Face's ability to calculate the facial proportion ratios of any face and compare those ratios with the ratios of people considered beautiful.

You can also use Make a Face to split, distort, subdivide, rearrange and blend numerous pieces of photos into unique images that can depict the average shape of a certain human race or nation. Any image can be divided into 64 different sections that can be shuffled, dispersed, swirled, blended and assembled into impressive displays.

Make a Face comes with a simple and intuitive interface from which you can start the automatic and random selection sequence of mingled faces. At the end of the “rearranging” process you can change the colors of the generated images and obtain a dramatic effect.

To conclude, Make a Face is an enjoyable and amusing application that enables you to create intriguing and hilarious images with just a few mouse clicks.

Make a Face was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on November 30th, 2013
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