StoryTweaker 1.0.1 / 1.9.7 Beta

Allows you to perform text modification in an Adobe InDesign document.

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What's new in StoryTweaker 1.9.7 Beta:

  • Speed improvements
  • Assignments are now packaged before they are sent back.
  • Tweak Sets are now folders again due to performace issues.
  • Fixed Applications folder link in the disk image.
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StoryTweaker is all about round-tripping text out of an Adobe InDesign document into an XML format, performing text changes without need for InDesign or Adobe InCopy, and then flowing it back into the layout with text edits applied.

Typical uses are to allow a translator to translate the content, or to allow a proofreader to make text corrections, and all this with minimal loss of formatting and text placement.

There is a very clear delineation of responsibilities: the ‘tweaker’ can only influence text content.

No new text styles can be created, no layout changes can be made - that remains the responsibility of the designer.

The idea is that some person or persons (using the included AssignmentTweaker application) can edit the text content (and nothing but the text content).

There is also support for multiple ‘versions’ (e.g. different languages or partial tweaks) of a single document - i.e. a single document can be concurrently tweaked by multiple translators, resulting in multiple translated versions of the same document, or different parts of the document can be tweaked by different tweakers (e.g. proofreaders).

The StoryTweaker workflow starts from an InDesign Document, and ends with a modified copy of the document.

The original document is 'frozen', to protect it against inadvertent modification, by stashing it away into a special folder called the Tweak Set.

The Tweak Set is the control center - from the Tweak Set, one or more Assignments are created and sent out to anyone who needs to tweak the text in the document. Each assignment comes complete with a copy of AssignmentTweaker, an application that allows the tweaker to make text changes.

Once the assignment is finished (e.g. text translated or corrections made), it is imported back into the Tweak Set.

Finally, tweaked versions of the original document can be extracted from the Tweak Set.

Last updated on May 24th, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X (Universal Binary)

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