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A straightforward graphic editor featuring a wide variety of image editing tools that you can use to improve the quality of your pictures

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LazPaint is a lightweight, yet powerful image editing application specially designed to help you edit pictures using the provided tools and filters.

Enables you to edit, adjust, repair, fix and improve your photos with ease

LazPaint comes with a minimalistic interface that offers quick and easy access to most offered tools and features. The top toolbar helps you open an existing image, save your work, zoom in or out, switch between layers and undo or redo your last actions.

Thanks to the File menu you can create a new layer using a source image and import 3D objects with just a couple of mouse clicks. At the same time the Select tab helps you edit, save and load your selection, make rectangle, ellipse, curve or polygon selections that you can move or rotate with ease.

Easily gain access to the needed tools via intuitive menus and floating panels

The View menu allows you to zoom in or out and offers you the option to toggle the Toolbox, Colors, Grid and Layers panel. Additional image editing functions are available under the Image menu from where you can flip and rotate the picture, remove the transparency and resize the canvas.

Moreover, LazPaint offers numerous customizable picture filters that you can use to change the look of your image. Consequently, you can add radial or motion blur, pixelate, sharpen or smoother your image and try all the filters LazPaint has to offer.

Furthermore, you can saturate, desaturate, intensify that colors in your image with the help of the customizable color tools.

Transform your image using the Deformation and Texture mapping tools

From the Tools menu, you can quickly and easily switch between various tools such as the Pen, Color picker, Eraser, Hand, Floodfill, Gradient, Shaded shape, Text, Deformation and Texture mapping. In addition, LazPaint helps you draw rectangle, ellipse, curve and polygon shapes.

All in all, LazPaint is a simple, clean and intuitive Mac OS X application that delivers a comprehensive set of tools that make it easy for you to edit your pictures.

LazPaint was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 7th, 2015
LazPaint - From LazPaint's main window you can open and edit various image files with ease.LazPaint - screenshot #2LazPaint - The File menu helps you import layers from various files as well as 3D objects.LazPaint - screenshot #4LazPaint - By accessing the View menu, you can zoom in or out and toggle various panels.LazPaint - screenshot #6LazPaint - screenshot #7LazPaint - screenshot #8LazPaint - screenshot #9LazPaint - screenshot #10

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