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User friendly Mac OS X image editor that offers you the possibility to quickly remove specific elements from a photo without too much trouble.

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Removing unwanted elements from a photo can prove to be tedious and time consuming if you are performing the task using an image editor that does not include specialized tools. Inpaint is a Mac app that can help you clean up images in no time, by enabling you to choose the donor area for the replacement patterns.

Easy to install image editor that focuses on removing unwanted objects from pictures

Finding your way around the Inpaint application is fairly easy due to its organized user interface: the main area is reserved for the image canvas, the left panel includes the mask and donor selection tools, and the top toolbar includes buttons for basic image manipulation functions (zoom in / out / to fit, normal view, undo / redo, view original image, and more).

To start using the application, you must import an image and then create a mask, signaled by a red transparent layer, upon the object you want to remove. The area automatically selected by the app to be used as a model for the replacement patterns is pointed out by a green layer.

Features simple but efficient tools for creating mask and donor selections in no time

To give you better control over the mask range, Inpaint comes with multiple selection tools: marker, lasso, polygon lasso, magic wand, and guidelines.

If you are not satisfied with your current mask selection, simply press the Clear button placed in the bottom left corner of the main window and start all over again. The same area includes the Erase button that triggers the editing process.

Powerful photo processing solution that can be used to clean up images in no time

Inpaint offers you the possibility to quickly eliminate unwanted objects or people from your photos without too much trouble: the app can replace the user selected area with a pattern generated by using pixels from a donor area.

Inpaint  provides extensive user control upon both the mask and the donor selections, which means a higher accuracy level when it comes to creating replacement patterns.

Inpaint was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 2nd, 2015
Inpaint - From Inpaint's main window you will be able to open, preview and edit an image file of your choice.Inpaint - Using the Selection Tools you ca mark the parts of the picture you need to remove.Inpaint - The View menu helps you zoom in or out by using predefined keyboard shortcuts.

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