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An easy to use Java application that provides support for viewing, editing, analyzing and processing different images at the same time.

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ImageJ is an OS X image editing application that offers you the possibility to preview, edit, analyze and print image files using your Mac.

Java based multi-platform image editor

The ImageJ app has been developed for the Java platform which means that it can be used on a wide selection of different operating systems, as long as they came with support for the Java runtime (e.g. Mac OS X, Linux or Windows).

Moreover, ImageJ comes as a downloadable application or as an applet; the app package also the documentation and the ImageJ64 app which can run in 64-bit mode.

Additionally, you can also access a rather extensive user guide and other resources on the app’s online Documentation page.

Batch image manipulation and support for a large array of image formats

Furthermore, ImageJ is able to work with 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit files and can open popular image file formats, such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, FITS, DICOM or BMP. The app can also be used to edit RAW format pictures and provides extensive support for using image “stacks”.

As an extra bonus, ImageJ also includes basic image processing tools which means that you can add geometric objects, text boxes and various brushes on multiple images at a time. You may also manipulate their contrast, adjust the sharpening or smoothing levels, scale/rotate/flip them and more.

What’s more, the ImageJ app enables you to measure angles and distances and it will also help you rapidly generate line profile plots and density histograms. Further capabilities can be added by installing one of the ImageJ community developed plug-ins.

Powerful and intuitive image editing and analysis app

In addition, ImageJ is a multithreaded utility and it allows you to open multiple windows at the same time: this way you can multi task and edit different images concomitantly.

To sum it all up, ImageJ is a cross-platform application that comes with a large array of basic imaging tools, but also includes more complex capabilities that can be extended by installing a vast selection of plug-ins.

ImageJ was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on August 27th, 2015
ImageJ - The ImageJ main window where you can view your images and use different selection tools to measure specific sectionsImageJ - Via the ImageJ File menu you can easily import RAW images, image sequences, text files or text images, and much moreImageJImageJImageJ - The ImageJ Process menu offers you the possibility to quickly apply various filters to your imagesImageJImageJImageJ - The ImageJ Edit menu provides quick access to the app's options, and allows you to change the default font style, the app's appearance, and so on

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