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A simple but very powerful Mac OS X application that is able to generate icons for utilities developed for OS X or iOS (both iPhone and iPad devices are supported).

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When developing OS X or iOS applications, you must provide the apps’ icons in various sizes: this is extremely important for best results. Iconie is a small Mac OS X utility that can help you generate all the required icons in no time.

Intuitive and stylish user interface

All the Iconie functions can be easily accessed via the app’s main window which is organized in two main tabs: OS X and iOS. For your convenience, each tab includes previews for all the icon sizes.

This way, the OS X panel displays icon thumbnails with the following sizes: 512X512, 256X256, 128X128, 32X32, and 16X16. At the same time, the iOS panel contains icon sizes suitable for iOS 5 or iOS 7 apps (regardless if are deployed on iPhone or iPad devices).

Streamlined and efficient workflow

To make use of the Iconie capabilities all you have to do is drag and drop the source image on top of one of the icons panels: Iconie automatically resizes the picture and generates the previews. Note that you must perform the action for the OS X and iOS tabs separately.

In addition, Iconie is able to process only images that have the same height and width (need to be squares).

It is advisable to use images that have at least 1024X1024 in size for OS X apps , and 152X152 for iOS utilities: when dealing with smaller images, Iconie automatically upscales them, which may lead to a worse quality.

Quickly generate icon sets and integrate them into your Xcode catalog

Iconie provides simple tools for quickly generating all the icons necessary when developing OS X or iOS applications.

The results can be quickly exported to an icon set as PNG images, to an ICNS file, or you can choose to integrate them in the Xcode Asset Catalog (Xcode must be installed beforehand).

Iconie was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 18th, 2015
Iconie - In the Iconie main window you can easily generate icons suitable for OS X applications.Iconie - In the Iconie iOS panel, you can easily generate icons for iOS5 or iOS7 applications.

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