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An user friendly image resizer and optimizer that enables you the possibility to reduce your photo's file size while preserving the image quality.

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Moving and even storing large image files can take up a considerable amount of your resources. IMAGEmini is a simple Mac app designed to help you improve the transfer speed and  save disk space by resizing or optimizing your photo collection.

Intuitive image processor that can handle multiple files at the same time

The IMAGEmini main window provides quick access to two different compression methods: resize and squeeze (some of the image quality will be lost), or squeeze while preserving the original quality (will save less disk space).

To use any of these tools, all you have to do is drag and drop the files you want to process on top of the appropriate panel. IMAGEmini will open new windows where you can visualize all the imported files in list mode, preview the results, and so on.

Effortlessly batch resize and compress images while preserving the originals

To be able to actually apply the changes to your files, you must save the results by pressing the “Export” button. IMAGEmini enables you to replace the existing files, but also offers you the possibility to create new ones. This way, you can create a smaller version that can be shared with others faster, while preserving the originals.

For your convenience, IMAGEmini comes with multiple resizing templates, including image sizes suitable for web, blog, email, or Facebook usage. However, you also have the possibility to create your own resize patterns.

Streamlined photo compression solution that can preserve the image quality

IMAGEmini is able to process a large number of image file formats and helps you reduce their file size by changing the canvas size, or by compressing the data. Depending on the adjustments you are making, IMAGEmini can bring down the file size with 20%, going up to 80%: if you are applying the lossless compression method you will save less space, yet the original image quality will be preserved.

IMAGEmini was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 24th, 2014
IMAGEmini - In the IMAGEmini main window you must decide which of the included functionality you want to use to process your images.IMAGEmini - In the IMAGEmini Resizer&Squeezer panel you have the possibility to quickly change the image size and more.IMAGEmini - In the IMAGEmini Lossless Photo Squeezer panel you can quickly optimize images to reduce the file size.IMAGEmini

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