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A powerful and user-oriented image editing application that enables you to create panoramic photos by stitching multiple pictures with ease

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Hugin is a straightforward photo stitcher that makes it easy for your to assemble multiple pictures into a single image in order to create a large panorama.

Helps you create professional-looking panoramas

From Hugin’s main window you can take advantage of the built-in assistant to quickly and easily load the source images, select the appropriate lens type, provide the horizontal filed of view or the focal length and crop factor for your pictures.

From Hugin’s Assistant tab you also have the option to manually align the loaded pictures via the built-in Panorama Editor. Thus, you can provide control points, create masks, crop the source images and change the projection type along with the field of view settings, canvas size, crop values and output settings.

Preview all your changes in real time

By accessing the Preview tab, you can have an overview of the generated panorama, hide or display certain images, change the blend mode, zoom in or out and change the background color. Thanks to the Layout tab, you can change the order of the photos, check the alignment quality and view all control points.

The Projection tab helps you change the size of the filed of view, and experiment with different view settings until the desired result is achieved. On top of that, you can overlap different guides such as “Rule of thirds”, “Golden ratio”, or “Golden triangle” in order to help you compose your image.

Batch process multiple projects and fine tune your panoramas

For additional control over the position of the used pictures, you can access the Move/Drag tab and manually reposition, fit, center and straighten your pictures. Hugin also feature an Autocrop feature that helps you crop the generated panorama to user-definable sizes.

Moreover, Hugin’s batch processing capabilities allow you to work with multiple panoramas at the same time and render your projects when your work is completed.

Hugin was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 15th, 2015
Hugin - From Hugin's main window you will be able to load the image files you want to use in your panorama.HuginHugin - The Preview tab helps you preview the panorama before exporting it.HuginHuginHuginHuginHuginHuginHuginHugin - The View menu helps you enter the full screen mode or launch the Panorama Editor.HuginHuginHuginHuginHuginHuginHuginHuginHugin

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