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A powerful utility that enables you to obtain better control over your camera's functions and to use combinations between focus, exposure bracketing and time lapse shooting

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Helicon Remote is a straightforward utility that makes it easy for you to control your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera with the help of your Mac by adjusting the aperture opening, ISO sensitivity and shutter speeds, as well as by choosing bracketing and exposure bracketing modes.

Take control of your DSLR’s functions with the help of this easy to work with application

Especially useful when you want to create macro photo stacks, Helicon Remote takes control over your camera via a USB or a Wi-Fi connection (if your camera supports Wi-Fi), shows the camera’s live view on your Mac screen, and enables you to change all shooting settings.

After the connection between Helicon Remote and your camera is established, you have to set the nearest and farthest focusing points from the app’s Focus Bracketing drop-down menu, and it will automatically calculate the number of shoots that need to be taken, as well as the interval between them, based on the current aperture, your lenses’ focal length, and the correction factor.

Helps you practice HDR and time-lapse photography, and it increases your camera’s exposure capabilities

Once these adjustments are made, you can start shooting the stack of photos, and, once this is done, you can process the stack in a photo editing application and combine the shots into one very sharp image.

Also worth-mentioning is the fact that Helicon Remote enables you to change your camera’s exposure bracketing up to 15 exposure points, probably a lot more than your cameras can offer.

Helicon Remote’s real beauty comes through the fact that it can also be used for HDR photography, which means that you can take a series of shots with different exposures and process them to obtain a perfectly exposed image.

Straightforward and powerful application that can be used in various ways, and enables greater control over your camera’s functions

Furthermore, Helicon Remote can also be used for time lapse photography, a technique that consists of programing the camera to take a series of shots within a chosen time interval for generating videos out of series of pictures of the same subject.

All in all, Helicon Remote is a comprehensive bit of software that enables you to use a great deal of combinations between focus, exposure bracketing and time lapse shooting to obtain either scientific or creative photographic results.

Helicon Remote was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
Helicon Remote - From the tools menu you can access the live view, the preview and fast preview functions but also the auto focus and time lapse features.Helicon Remote - In the Interface tab you can change the current language, fast preview time, display grid and customize the background color.Helicon Remote - screenshot #3Helicon Remote - screenshot #4Helicon Remote - screenshot #5Helicon Remote - screenshot #6Helicon Remote - screenshot #7Helicon Remote - screenshot #8Helicon Remote - screenshot #9Helicon Remote - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to view the live camera feed.

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