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Photoshop plug-in that helps you draw lines within a document






GuideGuide originally started as a script that drew guide lines at the middle of the document.

As the developer got tired of his old method which involved selecting all, transforming the selection and than dragging guides to the midpoint, the GuideGuide plug-in has been born.

The original script would draw the guides to the middle of the document in one click. There are three options: horizontal middle, vertical middle, and both horizontal and vertical middles.  All you have to do is to click the icon of the midpoint you want to find and you will see that a guide will be added to the document.

Please note though that on 64 bit systems, Photoshop is installed in both locations by default. If you launch Photoshop and do not see GuideGuide, make sure you have installed it in the version you have launched.

Installation: Unzip the downloaded archive and copy its contents into the Panels folder at /Applications/Adobe Photoshop /Plug-Ins/Panels/.
Last updated on April 28th, 2015
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