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An open source project developed for the Mac OS X that enables you to create high quality CAD models and modify the design by changing parameters

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There are various various Computer-aided design applications that can help you produce high quality projects, so the actual challenge is to find the one that matches your needs perfectly. FreeCAD is a powerful 3D modeler that can be highly customized by integrating various scripts.

Create your own 3D models by using both basic and complex tools

The FreeCAD capabilities are organized into various workbenches designed to deal with specific tasks: besides the drawing tools, the app also includes tools for building shapes from sketches, for dealing with meshes, for processing bitmap images, for studying robot movements, for editing architectural elements, and so on.

Even though FreeCAD can deal with sketching and working with 2D shapes and components, the major focus is represented by the creation of high quality 3D CAD models. To achieve all that, FreeCAD integrates a wide array of open source libraries, but also the Python scripting language.

Render your 3D model by making use of the powerful Raytracing module

FreeCAD is employing and external rendered to produce a photo realistic representation of your 3D models. For your convenience, the Raytracing modules that handles this task comes with multiple views that can be applied to your objects in no time.

However, to actually be able to render the projects, you must have installed on your system either the luxrender or the povray renderers. In addition, you must provide the path to their installation in the Raytracing preferences panel.

Comprehensive parametric modeler suited for producing 3D designs

FreeCAD is a complex application that comes with a plethora of efficient tools that can help you design and render high quality 3D projects. Despite the fact that FreeCAD is an open source project, the community provides an extensive documentation that can help you find your way around, and learn all you can do with the app.

FreeCAD was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 4th, 2015
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