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A light and user-friendly application that enables you to easily analyze thermal photos taken using a FLIR camera and generate reports

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FLIR Tools is a powerful and intuitive Mac OS X application that provides Mac users with all the required tools and features to import, analyze and edit infrared images in order to create professional inspection reports that you can easily save, print or email.

Thermal image analyzer and report generator

FLIR Tools proves its utility when you need to showcase numerous hidden problems that you discovered using your FLIR thermal imager to decision makers in a simple and efficient way. From FLIR Tools’ main window you can easily import, search, filter and preview FLIR JPEG images directly form your FLIR camera using an USB cable or by downloading them from the SD card.

The top toolbar helps you switch between the Library and Instruments tab with just a few mouse clicks. The Instruments tab allows you to connect multiple devices to your computer, view a live stream, take pictures, change the palette and check the measurements.

Built-in image editor

After taking or importing your images, you can sort them from the Library tab according to their capture date or file type. On top of that, you can edit radiometric images to thermal tune level and span, switch between different palettes and adjust parameters like emissivity, reflective temperature, distance, relative humidity, atmospheric temperature, GPS coordinates.

What is more, you can rotate the image left or right and use the drawing tools to highlight or bring into focus certain areas of the picture. The side panel also helps you check the image information and view the IR resolution, image size, creation and modification date.

Customizable reports

When you are happy with your pictures quality you can move on to generating a report. In addition to the original image you can include your parameters and display the emissivity, reflective temperature, distance, humidity, atmospheric temperature and transmission values.

What is more, FLIR Tools also enables you to type in your own report header and footer as well as your personal notes. Moreover, you can choose between different report formats, display stored compass and GPS information and save, print or email your reports with just a couple of mouse clicks.

FLIR Tools was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 2nd, 2014
FLIR Tools - All images imported in the FLIR Tools app can be compared and analyzed using the right side bar.FLIR Tools - FLIR Tools will allow you to generate detailed reports based on its automatic image analysis tool.FLIR Tools - You can view extra information about each image in the library by double clicking it.FLIR Tools - screenshot #4

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