EazyDraw 7.1.1

Powerful yet very easy to use Mac OS X application that enables you to create vector drawings that can be included into desktop publishing projects.

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What's new in EazyDraw 7.1.1:

  • Code Signing update. Version 7.1.0 developer credentials were not accepted by Yosemite (version 2) GateKeeper on some machines. In early 2014 Apple changed the status for the EazyDraw development team from individual developer to corporate developer. The impact of this status change is the likely cause of the issue. EazyDraw is now code signed with version 2 corporate (DEKORRA OPTICS LLC) credentials. It should now be possible to use App Store and Verified Developers for Security and Privacy setting. We apologize for any inconvenience, internal and beta testing did not reveal the issue.
  • Corrected possible problems with Copy from, and Drag and Drop from EazyDraw. In many cases Text and Annotation was not included in the exported content. For example a copy from EazyDraw to Pages using PDF as the number one Copy Format (the factory default) would not include text. This is now fixed.
  • Corrected cosmetic problem on Layers inspector. The checkboxes on the layers table were "jumpy" and would sometimes draw large-bloomed and would jump between a normal display and the bloomed look. This was seen on some systems, mostly older machines, and was not seen on Retina displays. This would trigger when scrolling the table, especially with small scrolls as happen with a magic mouse. This seems to be a basic issue in Yosemite, related to scroll views and their animation. EazyDraw now has a patch and intercepts the drawing of these specific buttons. Now they still will jump one or two pixels on non-retina displays, as the table is scrolled, but they always draw the correct size and display a very crisp vector icon. As a side benefit they are more effulgent on the Retina than the Yosemite button icon.
  • Corrected problem viewing User Library elements. Very small features were sometimes not shown in the preview image.
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Having access to versatile vector drawing tools is extremely important if you need to produce high quality projects for desktop publishing: the idea is to preserve the design quality regardless of the resolution used to visualize the image.

EazyDraw is a powerful Mac app that comes with an organized, straightforward design, and provides a plethora of vector drawing tools organized by type: graphic, charting, technical, stellate, or mathematical.

Sports a clean, unsophisticated design that provides access to most tools through small panels

Like with many other graphic editors, the EazyDraw main window is reserved for the canvas area. Of course, the application allows you to adjust both the page and canvas layout: for both you can change their size, the orientation, scaling, the margins size, and more.

At the same time, the top toolbar buttons provide access to the layer and info panels, to the text and annotation tools, to stroke and color fill tools, to various gradients and patters, or to various toolboxes that will be opened next to the EazyDraw main window.

Enables you to draw and customize a large number of objects

Besides the capability to draw basic lines, squares, free or continuous Bezier Curves, and free form or equilateral polygons that one expects from a regular vector editor, EazyDraw also provides more complex tools related to mathematical graphic representations, technical or charting projects, but also star type objects.

Once you are satisfied with the results, you can easily export the project to SVG, DXF, EPS, PDF, JPG, TIF, or Keynote file formats. Of course, you can also open, visualize, and edit these types of files.

Unsophisticated yet powerful and versatile vector drawing solution

EazyDraw comes with a plethora of vector drawing, editing and object customization tools but, due to its intuitive and user friendly interface, you will not have problems finding your way around. The app allows you to work on multiple layers, comes with a symbols library, and can be used for various types of projects.

EazyDraw was reviewed by , last updated on November 4th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.8 or later (Intel only)

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