DraftSight for Mac2015 SP3

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An easy-to-use and reliable application that enables OS X users to to visualize, create and edit DWG files via a handset of very handy graphical tools.

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DraftSight is a user-friendly and streamlined OS X application designed to enable users to create, edit and view DWG files in a 2D based drafting environment.

Once you start the DraftSight utility, you will realize that it’s built to be as simple as possible: it has a minimalistic interface with very few buttons and UI objects, as well as a small number of windows and dialogs meant to guide you through the drafting process.

Inbuilt toolbox window that gives you fast and easy access to all of the app’s main features and tools

DraftSight’s main window offers you a clear view over the project and, via the “Tool Matrix” window, it makes it easy to activate various tools and features such as drawing tools, modifications tools, layers options and the basic save, print, open and cut functions.

Export your files in a wide array of formats for an extended interoperability

As follows, the DraftSight app is capable of reading, writing, saving, and creating DWG and DXF files and, if you really have to, it also comes with extended support for the wmf, .jpeg, .pdf, .png, .sld, .svg, .tif, & .stl and .pdf file formats.

Moreover, DraftSight has an in-built smart calculator, context sensitive help texts and a very useful “Quick print” option, all of these added to insure that you will be as productive and efficient as possible.

Draw and edit shapes and geometric figures with easy to use drafting and drawing tools

Furthermore, you can draw by hand or just insert predefined shapes and, afterwards, just edit them by modifying their dimensions, tolerances, center masks, radiuses, and diameters for making it easier to integrate them within your design, at the right scale and size.

In addition, the option to double click any shape to edit, undo or redo and the mouse-wheel button based zoom feature, will certainly help you complete the project you're working on a lot faster and without having to use any other external apps to get the job done in time.

Taking everything into consideration, DraftSight is an easy to learn and use CAD program that will help both beginner and advanced users to understand the basic principles of CAD modeling, while also providing a competent 2D designer and editor.

DraftSight was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
DraftSight - In this window you can create or edit a DWG file.DraftSight - Here you can select the block color.DraftSight - You can also change the block size.DraftSight - Various actions can be reached by right clicking the project.DraftSight - You can change the current view from this panel.DraftSight - Various items, like blocks and hyperlinks can be inserted this way.DraftSight - screenshot #7DraftSight - screenshot #8DraftSight - screenshot #9DraftSight - screenshot #10DraftSight - screenshot #11DraftSight - screenshot #12DraftSight - screenshot #13DraftSight - screenshot #14DraftSight - screenshot #15DraftSight - screenshot #16DraftSight - screenshot #17DraftSight - screenshot #18

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