Crazy Bump for Mac

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Texture mapping tool for your Mac




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Crazybump is a cross-platform application that enables you to quickly create normal maps from textures.

You will be able to create maps using your own images, heightmaps or normal map files.

Crazybump is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X and Windows. Binaries for the Windows platform are available on the project's homepage.
Last updated on March 4th, 2013
Crazy Bump - From the starting window, you can open a file or access the program's settings.Crazy Bump - You will be able to open 3 types of images: photos, heightmaps or normal maps.Crazy Bump - Before accessing the normal map mixer, you will be able choose the shape you want to use.Crazy BumpCrazy BumpCrazy BumpCrazy BumpCrazy BumpCrazy Bump

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