CopperCube 5.0.1

Create 3D applications for Flash, Mac, Windows or pure JavaScript using WebGL
CopperCube allows you to easily create interactive 3D scenes - as Flash .swf, standalone Windows .exe, Mac OS X .app or pure JavaScript via WebGL - without extended programming knowledge.

Create 3D model viewers, 3D walkthroughs, 360° panoramas, camera flights or even full 3D games.

Moreover, CopperCube comes with support for 17 different 3D file formats and includes a powerful 3D editor and lightmap generator. All 3D scenes can be scripted using Squirrel, Actionscript 3 or JavaScript.

In addition, CopperCube can render 3D scenes on websites via Flash or WebGL if available, and on windows using Direct3D or OpenGL and uses a highspeed, hardware accelerated render engine to put out an incredible amount of polygons.

When publishing your 3D scene as Flash SWF file it uses a highly optimized and ActionScript 3 based own 3D renderer and still supports advanced features such as BillBoards, Skyboxes, 3D sounds and real lightmaps.

CopperCube .SWF 3D files can be easily integrated into your own SWF flash file, be at as beautiful animated 3D background or main 3D environment. It is easily possible to create camera flights or for example first person shooter style controlled walktroughs with CopperCube.

Main features:

  • Support for numerous formats
  • Mobile application support
  • Character animation
  • Web and app deployment
  • OpenGL, Direct3D, WebGL and Stage3D
  • Particles and 2D overlays
  • Lightmapping
  • Scripting support
  • Game AI and first person shooter behaviors included

last updated on:
October 15th, 2014, 7:45 GMT
file size:
31.9 MB
developed by:
Ambiera e.U.
license type:
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
binary format:
Intel only
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CopperCube - From CopperCube's main window you can load, view and edit your project with just a few clicks of a button.CopperCube - The Prefabs panel helps you choose between various built-in prefabricated elements like animated soldiers, arcane houses and more.CopperCube - By accessing the View menu you will be able to show or hide different windows and properties according to your needs.CopperCubeCopperCubeCopperCubeCopperCubeCopperCubeCopperCube
What's New in This Release:
  • Fixed a bug causing the 'stand' an animation not to be played correctly sometimes when not all animations are set in the 'Controlled by Keyboard' behavior.
  • Fixed a bug causing slow performance on the Flash target when switching between scenes with many objects.
  • Fixed a bug causing a 2D overlay to be cloned incorrectly sometimes when mode is set to absolute size.
  • The scripting function 'editorAddSceneNode' now has the ability to create 2D overlays by using 'overlay2d' as paramter.
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