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Powerful yet intuitive OS X application designed from scratch with one goal in mind: to make it easy to create photo collages with a few mouse clicks

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Collageshine Pro is a very simple to use OS X app that promises to make it very quick and easy to create your own photo collages in a blink of an eye. The Collageshine Pro comes with a collection of templates that allow you to create collages by adding your own images within the design.

Large amount of built-in design templates easily accessible via a user-friendly interface

Collageshine Pro provides its users with a highly intuitive interface which, although being quite plain, proves its functionality when it comes to get the job done. Thus, don't expect it to have a UI that follows Apple's OS X human interface guidelines but do look for ease of use and speed.

In order to start creating your own collage, you will first have to choose one of the 500+ available templates from the left side panel and, once the template has loaded, you should add you photos and place them on the template's place-marks.

Makes it possible to manipulate the imported images with the help of a tool bar

Each of the used photos can be quickly shrinked or enlarged, rotated and mirrored to better fit within the overall design of the collage your want to create. After you're done adjusting the images, save the resulting collage and send it to your friends to awe them with your newly acquired graphic design skills.

As a downside, although the Collageshine Pro app is quite simple to use, it still lacks the touch of a professional UI designed that would be able to incorporate the extra oomph needed to be an above average software solution.

As it is right now, although not a very good looking application, Collageshine Pro it's capable of doing the job it was created for perfectly and with no hiccups.

Simple and minimalist utility for rapidly and effortlessly merging your photos within pre-defined photo frame templates

All things considered, if you're a fan of image processing or a beginner in the art of manipulating photos, Collageshine Pro could prove to be the tool that you've been looking for to help you create your own works of art out of ordinary and otherwise plain looking pictures.

Collageshine Pro was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on October 1st, 2014
Collageshine ProCollageshine Pro

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