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An easy-to-use and good looking application designed specially for creating photo-collages with the help of smart tools and many predefined templates and styles

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CollageIt Pro is a straightforward and user-orientated application designed to help you create, personalize and export photo collages with ease.

Efficient and intuitive user interface that will enable you to create personalized photo collages with just a few mouse clicks

CollageIt Pro installs like most Mac OS X applications with a simple drag and drop into the “Applications” directory. Once launched, CollageIt Pro provides an user friendly workspace for building photo collages containing your favorite pictures, with the help of its well-structured interface.

As a result, you will be able to create photo collages in just three steps: start by clicking the “Add” button to import the images you want to use in the current CollageIt Pro project. The next step is to choose the collage style you want to apply or simply make use of the “Random Collage” function to spice things up. Lastly, press the “Export” button and choose the format that you wish your collage to be saved in.

Personalize you collages with the help of an effective and versatile set of tools

Moreover, CollageIt Pro enables you to be as creative as possible with the creation of photomontages by offering support for 5 collage styles (Mosaic, Grid, Center, Pile and Free Mode), over 60 templates, and more than 50 background patterns. Within the same project you can import up to 200 different photos.

What’s more, you can give a more personal touch to your collages by easily and effortlessly adding text, stickers, photo borders, shadows for decoration, or by cropping, cutting, moving, resizing and rotating the selected pictures.

Share your photomontages with your friends via an intelligent export

Furthermore, one other function worth mentioning is CollageIt Pro’s capacity to export and save collages in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG or GIF formats, as well as share  your projects with your friends by directly posting them on your Facebook account.

To summarize, CollageIt Pro is an easy-to-use and efficient collage creator that proposes a streamlined workflow for quickly creating and sharing personalized photo albums.

CollageIt Pro was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on June 1st, 2015
CollageIt Pro - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to create a new photo collage.CollageIt Pro - The application includes multiple templates that you can use to start your own collage.CollageIt Pro - You can also insert text to your collage, and customize its alignment, color, opacity, style and size.CollageIt Pro - screenshot #4CollageIt Pro - screenshot #5CollageIt Pro - screenshot #6CollageIt Pro - screenshot #7

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