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A simple and intuitive application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly apply multiple image effects and edit your photos

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Rainbow is a lightweight and user-oriented application designed to help you make certain color adjustments and apply a wide variety of photo effects with just a few mouse clicks.

Rainbow comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface from which you have instant access to numerous image effects and editing tools. Thanks to Rainbow you can easily resize, trim, crop, flip, rotate and mask your photos.

What is more, Rainbow offers various image effects such as reflection, shadow, border, glass, miniature, spotLight, bloom, sketch, splash, zoom, curl, perspective, distort, stretch, pinch, bump and more. The best thing about Rainbow is that you can apply any of the above mentioned effects in the desired sequence in order to obtain the desired result.

By accessing the Image Edit panel, you can easily adjust the exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint and sharpness of the image. In addition, you can modify the sepia tone and reset all values to the zero. The Effects tab offers you a series of predefined photo filters like Black & White, Sepia, Fade Color, Antique, Boost color, Blur, Color Invert and sharpen.

Each effect comes with its own pop-up panel that allows you to make changes and adjustments. For instance, the Shadow panel helps you change the angle, depth, radius, blur and color of the shadow while the Perspective panel allows you to choose the desired perspective and adjust the orientation of the image.

Moreover, Rainbow comes with zooming features that allow you to zoom in and out the picture. Unfortunately, Rainbow does not work with layers and once you applied and an effect you cannot make additional changes or adjustments.

As it is, Rainbow is a basic image editor that enables you to edit your pictures and apply multiple photo effects in just a couple of seconds.

Rainbow was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 15th, 2014
Rainbow - The top toolbar gives you quick access to Rainbow's entire toolset designed to help you edit your images at breakneck speed.Rainbow - Clicking on the Shadow button will open a pop-up menu that will help you customize the currently loaded image's shadow in great detail.Rainbow - The Image Edit dialog enables you to adjust the photo and add any number of image effects from the extensive built-in collection.Rainbow - screenshot #4Rainbow - screenshot #5Rainbow - screenshot #6Rainbow - screenshot #7

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