CSV F-Curve Importer for Mac

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Blender plugin that allows you to create f-curves





CSV F-Curve Importer is an open source Python plugin for Blender that allows you to import a CSV file and create f-curves.

CSV F-Curve Importer can import and generate multi f-curves in any Data Paths in any Action data at once.

Installing a Blender Plugin:
· Download and unzip the plugin
· Close Blender if it's running.
· Copy the Python script to "%BlenderInstalledAddress%\Blender\%Version%\scripts\addons\". (where %BlenderInstalledAddress% is Blender's installation folder, and %Version% the installed version)
· Start Blender.
· From the top menu, select "File -> User Preferences..." to see Blender User · Preferences window.
· In the left list, select "Import-Export" item
· Click the check box of the script and make sure a check mark is placed.
· Click "Save As Default" button to keep this setting.
Last updated on November 8th, 2012
CSV F-Curve ImporterCSV F-Curve ImporterCSV F-Curve Importer

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