Plugins for Maya, 3DSMax, MotionBuilder and the FCollada API they are based on
COLLADA is especially designed to facilitate 3D information interchange with other DCCs and to integrate easily within tool chains for game development.

COLLADA provides plugins for Maya, 3DSMax, MotionBuilder and the FCollada API they are based on.

ColladaMaya also has a COLLADA FX capability, which allows artists and developers to create, modify, assign and visualize complex Cg shaders.

Collada is designed to display advanced hardware rendering effects and to give immediate feedback while a shader is developed. ColladaMaya's hardware shader is fully integrated with Maya's Hypershade node-based shader editor, and creates dynamic GUIs for interactive parameter controls.

Using the plug-in, artists can import a COLLADA document, exported from Maya or nVidia's FXComposer, and manipulate it in Maya, then export in the COLLADA 1.4 format.

The plug-in also supports references to legacy CgFX shader files. Certain features aren't supported in the plug-in for Maya 8.5, due to internal differences in Maya.

NOTE: COLLADA is licensed and distributed under the MIT License.

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April 5th, 2008, 18:35 GMT
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