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Intuitive to use OS X image stitching application that makes it for its users to design and generate panoramas from a collection of images

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Image stitching enables you to quickly generate panorama images that are able to render entire sceneries in a single, streamlined picture. Autopano Giga is a Mac OS X application designed to help you stitch the images together in no time.

Capable image analyzer that can group together images suitable for panorama stitching

Like many other OS X utilities, Autopano Giga comes with an installer package that is able to handle the installation procedure. All you have to do to get started, is launch the application and provide a source folder: Autopano Giga is able to scan entire directories for matching images, but also allows you to create custom picture groups.

Take into account that Autopano Giga might have a hard time scanning large folders: when trying to analyze a folder that contained over 1000 items (not all images) the application crashed constantly.

Powerful image stitching tools packed in a stylish user interface

The Autopano Giga main window is separated in two main areas: on the left you can preview the grouped source images, while on the right you get to preview the output panorama.

Autopano Giga comes with a built-in stitching engine that analyzes the pictures, recognizes similarities, and then generates the panorama. The application is able to autocorrect moving items, allows you to choose what elements you want to keep, but also the ones you want discarded.

Moreover, Autopano Giga provides support for more than 10 projection types: you can easily switch between them and select the one that better suits your project. Of course, you have the opportunity to adjust the geometry, the exposure fusion, the color balance, and much more.

Versatile image stitching solution that includes a wide array of personalization options

Autopano Giga comes with an intuitive user interface and is capable to detect and group images that can be stitched on its own. Furthermore, the application also provides an extensive collection of customization tools.

Autopano Giga was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
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