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A powerful and versatile Mac OS X application designed to help you learn how to create beautiful 3D pictures and animations on your own.

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Animation:Master aims at providing user friendly tools that can help you make high quality 3D sceneries and animations, regardless if you are an experienced designer, or you just started working on this type of projects.

The Animation:Master collection of tools can be employed to create almost anything you like, ranging from still illustrations to special effects that can be integrated in short films. In addition, the 3D objects created within the Animation:Master app, can be exported to the STL format and sent to a 3D printer.

Powerful 3D animation software solution that includes modeling capabilities

The Animation:Master tools are organized around three main panels: the Modeling Window, the Action Window, and the Choreography Window. These correspond to the steps you need to take in creating an animation.

First off, you can create new models from scratch by combining various geometrical figures, applying textures, and rigging the model (Animation:Master comes with a collection of materials and other relevant resources).

The next step is to create actions that can be put together in order to create the final animation: note that these actions are reusable. Lastly, Animation:Master allows you to create a dynamic simulation and customize various parameters, such as the light position, or the camera location.

Versatile 3D animation suite that can be successfully handled by inexperienced users

Animation:Master packs most of the functionalities one would expect from a 3D animation suite: you can create your own models, you can use various textures and materials, you can generate various actions and combine them together into animation sequences. Moreover, the lighting and rendering tools offer you the possibility to further customize the final result.

To conclude, if you are looking for a comprehensive application that can help you create your own 3D animations without making you deal with very complex tools, Animation:Master certainly deserves your attention.

Animation:Master was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
Animation:Master - A relaxed interface with lots of default actions to choose from.Animation:Master - You can start with actors, skeletal rigs, gooses, or even wine bottles, and change them in any way you may like.Animation:Master - From this window users can set their preferences.Animation:Master - screenshot #4Animation:Master - screenshot #5

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