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An easy to use Mac OS X application that enables you to quickly visualize 3D images and apply different effects to your own pictures.

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Applying 3D effects to your own images can turn them into beautiful pieces of art: you can give them a more realistic look or underline certain aspects. 3D Maker X is a small Mac OS X application that can be used to visualize 3DMF object or to create your own 3D objects.

Easy to use built-in 3DMF viewer

The 3D Maker X capabilities are focused around two different functions: first you get to create your own 3D images, and secondly, you can quickly visualize 3DMF files. The latter is accessible via the  3DMF Viewer window and you can easily open it via the  3D Maker X File menu.

Noteworthy is that, when you view the 3DMF file, you get to adjust the ambient light and you can use various keys to move the 3D object: Q, W, A, S,  Z, X, the arrow keys, or “,” and “.” (to zoom in and out).

Quickly apply 3D effects to your images

To get started with  3D Maker X you must create a photo or text image: select the “New Picture” entry in the File menu and the app will automatically open a new window where you can adjust the new image size and more.

The next step is to select the 3D effect you want to apply to the image: 3D Glasses (Single Frame, Two Frame, Faux 3D Glasses - Blue), Stereogram, 3D Shapes, 3D Deform, 3D Text, Emboss, Drop Shadow, Miscellaneous (Blur, Sharpen, Mosaic, Diffuse, Neon Edges, Invert, Grayscale, Fill, and Gradient), Rotate Canvas (Clockwise 90 or 180 degrees, counter clockwise 90 degrees, or flip horizontally or vertically), Animated Flag, Black and White Cutout, Gel Button, or 6Sided Cube.

Packs a wide number of 3D effects for your images

The 3D Maker X user interface is not extremely user friendly, but, once you find your way around the application, it does grant support for using various types of 3D tools. Remarkable is that you do not have to apply a certain effect to the whole image: you can convert only user selected areas.

3D Maker X was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on April 19th, 2014
3D Maker X - In the 3D Maker X main window you can easily create a new image and more.3D Maker X - In the 3D Maker X main window you can preview the image you want to process and more.3D Maker X - From the 3D Maker X drop down menu you can easily select the effect you want to apply.3D Maker X3D Maker X3D Maker X

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