3D Flag for Mac3.0.2

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A great plug-in that allows you to easily turn your images into flags.






The 3D Flag plug-in can be ysed ti turn any picture or movie into a realistic flag animation and it can also help you add a very professional look to your videos and graphics.

One click adds a flag to your project. Another click adds a flagpole to hang it from. Keyframe the flagpole to wave the flag back and forth. Keyframe the wind to create gusts, breezes or hurricanes!

When you want a very special introduction or backdrop, nothing makes it look more special than a majestic flag.

If a standard flag just won't do the trick, you can create a flag of pretty much any shape you want.

3D Flag can generate realistic flags, banners, and pennants within Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro.

You can use any layer (image, movie, animation) to color the flag and determine its shape. You may also choose from a variety of included flagpoles or add your own.

Customizing how your flag moves is easy. Not only can you animate the flagpole, you may set Wind Speed and Direction or specify Gravity. The flag itself can be stiff or limp, depending on the parameters set in the 3D Flag Editor.

Whether you're looking to create a flag high atop a pole, abanner hanging from a window, or a dramatic background image, 3D Flag can generate the imagery you're looking for.
Last updated on June 7th, 2013
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