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Have fun playing the challenging Kuwaiti card game Kout bo Sitta by using the Koutbo6.com (Kout bo Sitta) platform from the comfort of your own Mac.

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Different card games are popular in certain regions of the world and Kout Bo seems to be favored in Kuwait, especially during the Ramadan. iKout is a great desktop application that allows you to play Kout Bo against the computer or with your friends.

To play Kout Bo 6 you need 2 teams with at lest 3 players each. That is why, if you cannot complete the teams with real players, you must add computer characters to be able to start. The game is played with a standard 52 cards deck plus a black and a red Joker card.

Each player is dealt 9 cards and then the bidding can start going counterclockwise from the player to the dealer’s right side. The last player with the highest bid can declare the trump card, which affects the card’s ranking in the game: the red Joker is the highest card then comes the A of Trump, the black Joker, the rest of the trump suit and then the other suits (normally 2 is the lowest card and the aces is the highest).

The goal of the Kout game is to gain as many “trick” point as you can by playing cards ranked higher that you opponents. The round finishes when the bid is lost or won: the opposing team does not have a higher card to play.

iKout is following the classic game’s rules except you play on the computer, on you local network, with your friends or with intelligent computer players. The game includes 8 characters that have their own sound effects. In addition, iKout allows you to monitor the statistics by player and offers you the possibility to keep the overall score in a Score History notepad.

All things considered, iKout is an amusing yet challenging game that can prove extremely entertaining if you are a Kout Bo enthusiast.

iKout was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 1st, 2015

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