iHaxGamez 1.6.1

Open source and free Mac OS X application designed to enable you to easily hack into games and other programs by changing data types

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What's new in iHaxGamez 1.5.2:

  • Bug fixes for replacing small Integer values
  • Added support for 8-Byte Integers (64bits)
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Raymond Wilfong
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iHaxGamez - From this window you can select a process from the list.iHaxGamez - In this window you can search for an original value and refresh the search results.
iHaxGamez is an open-source Mac OS X application that enables you to hack into games and other programs by changing data types. The procedure is simple: you can search for values, then filter and replace them from a very simple GUI.

In concrete terms, the application makes it possible to add money, lives, time or anything else to a game while it's running. iHaxGamez provides a main window for selecting the app / game you want to hack; you can also see here the number of processes each app is running between parenthesis.

After selecting an application, simply click on the "Search" button and the Search Navigator window will open. From this window, you can look for original values that are currently stored in a game or app (such as 500).

Furthermore, you need to go back to your application to check if the original value has changed, then enter the new value into the Current Value field. This process needs to be repeated until you figure out which value you need to change. The values can be the coins, time, resource, etc. in your game.

Depending on the data type you want to search for, iHaxGamez gives you freedom in choosing it: Integer (1 to 8 bytes), Float (4 and 8 bytes) and String (ASCII or Unicode). However, searches are usually based on 4 byte integers most of the time.

Moreover, the application provides support for Flash applications. Simply click on the check box that says "Flash x8 Mode" if you are trying to hack Flash games.

In conclusion, iHaxGamez provides a great solution for hacking almost any game or application on your Mac. It's nothing fancy or pretentious, but it may help you add any number of resources in your games.

iHaxGamez was reviewed by , last updated on July 30th, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Universal Binary)

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