A great flight simulator game.
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aerofly5 is a simple to use Mac OS X RC flight simulator game that offers a wide variety of features for RC-pilots.

Main features:

  • Wide varity of models - aerofly5 features a wide variety of models to choose from. Click on the image to see an overview of more models.
  • Huge selection of sceneries - aerofly5 also offers a great selection of sceneries. You can either pick from more than 40 photo sceneries or choose one of our new 4D sceneries.
  • For glider pilots - aerofly5 offers you great features for glider flying such a glider tow, winch simulation and realistic wind simulation.
  • Training modes for helicopters - Especially helicopter pilots will enjoy the new helicopter specific features like hover trainer and the Autoration trainer for practicing Autorotation landings. The hover trainer is ideally suited for beginners.
  • State of the art physics simulation - The new physics engine of aerofly5 brings ultimate realism to your PC. Critical maneuvers like stalls, torque rolls and helicopter flying are handled just as in real life. Besides that the new wind simulation with dynamic windfields and thermics give you an all over new flight feeling.
  • Torque roll trainer - Having difficulty flying a torque roll? The new torque roll trainer will assist you. Simply choose the functions you want to control and the computer will take care of the rest.
  • 4D sceneries - In the new 4D sceneries you may choose your position freely. But besides that you can change the time of day, type of clouds, fog and wind settings. 4D sceneries are also ideal to fly behind your model.
  • Multiplayer - aerofly5 allows you to fly with other users over LAN or Internet.
  • Flight contests - aerofly5 features challenging flight contests such as spot landing, air race, pylon race, limbo contest, autorotation and ballon pop.
  • Patented multi pano technology - Some photo sceneries feature our patented multi pano technology that allows you to to change your viewing position. Click on the eye symbol in the picture below to change viewing positions.
  • Detailed models - The model details in aerofly5 are stunning. Even small features are modeled. For even more realistic surfaces like glass windows, screws etc, we use up to date shaders in our 3D engine.
  • over 150 models:
 airplanes, jets, helicopters, gliders, float planes, true scale models
  • 41 photo sceneries with places from all over the world
  • 6 4D-sceneries
  • adjustable weather conditions like time of day, wind, fog
  • adjustable cloud settings
  • various contests: limbo, balloon pop, air race, pylon race, heli precision contest
  • training aids: torque roll training, autorotation practice, hover trainer
  • multi pano technology
  • extensive wind simulation:
 dynamic soaring, windfield display
, objects move in wind ( trees, wind wheel, wind sock, clouds )
  • modell editor with over 200 adjustable parameters
  • multiplayer mode with up to 16 players over LAN or internet
  • voice chat support for multiplayer sessions
  • winch simulation for glider start
  • glider tow feature
  • recording center: record, save, play and exchange recorded flights.
  • easy user interface
  • animated water simulation

last updated on:
November 9th, 2012, 7:43 GMT
file size:
2.4 GB
license type:
developed by:
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
binary format:
Intel only
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3 Screenshots
What's New in version
  • This update fixes some minor bugs and improve the overall stability of aerofly5
  • Fixed a bug when in tow gliding mode
  • Sb13 rudder fixed, Baron58 flaps adjusted, Hook release for Bird of Time, Bobcat aileron fixed
  • Better support for dual or triple monitor setups
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