Zombie Crisis 3D for Mac1.0

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An intense and challenging 3D rail zombie shooting game that takes you to the Argo Company after a terrible accident released a zombie virus

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Zombie Crisis 3D is an on-the-screen shooter game featuring realistic bloodthirsty zombies and lots of action. The objective is to point and shoot at hundreds of incoming zombies while they come at you. Zombies will not stop unless you shoot them down.

This is not a game where you have control over the movement of your character. The action is still challenging though, as you need to carefully aim at their head to kill them quickly. Four types of weapons are at your disposal: knife, pistol, shotgun and machine gun.

Each weapon is assigned to a handy keyboard shortcut, so switching between them is really easy. Moreover, you must also keep an eye on your health bar and ammunition. Like in most games, you must restart the game if your health is depleted, and if the ammunition is low, simply hit the R key to reload.

The story is simple and not very original; you are in control of Dana, a female mercenary who was appointed to investigate the disaster that struck the Argo Company after a devastating bio-accident turned everyone into zombies. You will encounter various different places and zombies.

In total, you will visit 21 maps and face 4 grotesque bosses: Queen Bee, Goliath Snail, Chainsawer and Octopus. Each of them has different abilities and weak points that you must use to your advantage.

As far as the looks go, Zombie Crisis 3D comes with decent graphics that renders the zombies, blood and environment rather nicely. Also, colors are a bit washed out, a thing that contributes to the overall creepiness of the game. In addition, the sound effects are on par with the graphics.

To sum up, do not expect a revolutionary zombie game, a genre that is already invaded by games of all shapes and sizes. However, if you like killing zombies and are not bothered by the lack of character movement control, Zombie Crisis 3D could be worth the investment.

Zombie Crisis 3D was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on December 4th, 2013
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