Zombie Area! for Mac

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An entertaining shooting game for the Mac OS X in which you get to use all your skills to kill the zombies that are running towards you.

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Zombie Area! is an addictive game for the Mac that combines the gameplay of a classic shooting game with some of the most terrifying monsters: zombies. Hordes of zombies come toward you an you must use your guns to keep them at bay.

The Zombie Area! gameplay is quite fast paced: you must make sure the crawling zombies do not come too close while also paying attention to the ones that come jumping at you. You only have three lives and if you are not careful you will die quite fast.

Each time you kill a zombie you will receive a certain score and you get bonuses for tricky shots, but take into account that you need to kill a certain number of monsters to get to the next stage (you can view how many kills are necessary when you select the level you want to play).

During the game you will receive extra lives or ammunition according to your performance. You can press the “R” key to quickly reload your gun or you can throw a grenade (if available) by pressing “Space” or the “G” key.

Zombie Area! offers you the possibility to play in window or fullscreen mode and allows you to disable the sound effects or the music soundtrack via the Settings panel. The same area allows you to view your current achievement or the online Zombie Area!  leaderboards. This way you can view the daily challenges of you can compare your score with some of the best players in the world.

All in all, Zombie Area! is a fast paced shooting game in which you get to battle hordes of angry zombies while listening to high quality, energetic music: the whole experience can prove to be quite entertaining.

Zombie Area! was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on January 11th, 2014
Zombie Area! - From Zombie Area!'s main window you will be able to start the game or open the Settings window.Zombie Area! - The Settings window helps you enable or disable the sound and the music with just a mouse click.Zombie Area! - Your purpose in Zombie Area! is to kill as many zombies as possible.Zombie Area! - screenshot #4

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