zMahjong Solitaire for Mac

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Have fun playing a classic Mahjong solitaire game that follows the traditional rules: you must match tiles until you clear up the entire board.

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Mahjong puzzle games are a good way to pass the time while practicing your attention to details. zMahjong Solitaire is a challenging game that combines the traditional Mahjong game play with a more interesting board pattern.

As usual, the goal is to match tiles together in order to make them disappear and clear out the table. The game board comes as a rectangle that is filled completely with tiles: the tiles you want to match must not be separated by other pieces.

To achieve that, you must move the other tiles but you can do that only one time. Each tile set contains four pieces that are the same and you can choose which ones you want to use at the beginning of a game.

Successfully solving the zMahjong Solitaire puzzles can be quite complicated because you do not have any hints, you cannot try more than one time and there is no help whatsoever. In fact, the developers state that only 10% of the players actually succeed.

What’s more, you cannot pause the game, save unfinished puzzles or save scores offline. This is one of the ways to make sure that the universal leaderboards are reflecting reality.

To conclude, zMahjong Solitaire proposes a challenging puzzle game that combines the traditional Mahjong gameplay with the difficulty of a strategy game: the title has great entertainment potential, once you learn how to play.

zMahjong Solitaire was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on November 15th, 2014
zMahjong Solitaire - Your purpose in zMahjong Solitaire is to remove duplicate tiles from the board as fast as you can.zMahjong Solitaire - The duplicate tiles must be on the same row or column and there must be no other tile between them.

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