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A rogue-like command line game in which you have to escape an army of zombies





On your trip to local supermarket you suddenly heard a lound noise and lost your consciousness.

When you woke up, you found the whole store totally ruined and all the people either dead or zombified. You have to leave, but there are several storyes to pass trough, and the zombies look hungry.

Fortunately there are all those goodies from DIY stores and the guard's guns are all lying around the store. With a bit of luck you should be able to make it to the ground floor.

You win the game if you survive trough all the storeys of the supermarket and make it to one of the emergency exits.

· Use your numeric keyboard to move around
· Use the v key to dash (Vault)
· Use the z key to shoot (Zap) at the highlighted enemy
· Use the Z key to aim at different enemy
· Use the X key to operate objects like escalators and doors
· Use the x key to eXamine crates and corpses
· Use keys a to u to use/equip items
· Use keys A to U to discard items
· Use the Esc or ! keys to quit

· @ represents the player character
· Z represents the zombies
· . represents floor
· # represents walls
· : represents trash and rubble
· + represents various body parts
· % represents corpses
· & represents crates and boxes
· $ represents some exposed machinery
· < represents escalators
· X represents emergency exits

Last updated on August 5th, 2009
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