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A fun and diverting side-scrolling 2D motocross racing game that will test your bike riding abilities on numerous engaging courses

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X-Moto is a free and open source 2D motocross platform game that enables you to ride a motorcycle on various challenging courses filled with traps, pits and ramps.

Entertaining and addictive gameplay

Your main objective in X-Moto is to try to collect all the strawberries spread allover the course before reaching the end of your track in order to successfully complete a level. At the end of the course you also have to touch the end-of-level flower.

It is worth mentioning that each level comes with a series of obstacles and a difficult terrain that features “wreckers, which you must avoid. However, variation to the basic gameplay may be encountered in levels created by other players.

Side-scrolling racing

Just like in any other platformer, you can view your motocross bike from the side as you control the braking, throttle and direction by rotating it on the spot. It is essential to learn how to balance the acceleration with the angle of the bike if you want to climb stiff hills and jump over obstacles without hurting your character.

Your rider is not harmed directly by falling, however, if you fail to keep the bike steady and you hit his head or any other body part against a rock or the ground, your character will suffer damage. “Collecting” a wrecker object will also end your race.

Numerous engaging levels

The great thing about X-Moto is that you can quickly expand its level collection with up to 3000 new levels created by various players. What is more, you can use Inkscape along with the Inksmoto extension to design your own levels.

Although the graphics are simple and rough around the edges, the gameplay proves to be engaging and addictive. Some levels come with their own soundtrack, fact that can really improve the gaming experience.

X-Moto was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 7th, 2014

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