XHSI 2.0 Beta 7

Addon for X-Plane which adds a high resolution horizontal situation indicator (HSI)
XHSI - This is how you can use the program.
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XHSI is an addon for X-Plane which adds a high resolution horizontal situation indicator (HSI). A HSI is the primary means for navigation that pilots use on commercial jetliners, today.

XHSI consists of an X-Plane plugin, which extracts HSI related data out of the X-Plane flight simulator and sends it via UDP to a Java application, which simulates a Boeing 737 NG HSI.

The XHSI addon simulates an Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) display used in modern jet aircraft and is driven by X-Plane.

NOTE: XHSI is currently in beta state and hence far from being a complete reimplementation of a Boeing 737-NG HSI.

Main features:

  • HSI can be run on any machine running Java 1.5.0 or newer
  • HSI can run on one machine with X-Plane or run on a remote machine connected via network
  • HSI window can be arbitrarily resized to alter the visible area of the map
  • The HSI application can record and replay a datastream from the X-Plane HSI plugin
  • The status bar displays whether HSI is driven by X-Plane or recording. If driven by X-Plane, it also indicates if data packets are received from the X-Plane plugin or not
  • The current frame rate is displayed in a bar graph
  • An indicator shows if the X-Plane navigation databases have been loaded
  • A preferences dialog allows to specify
  • location of X-Plane home directory for access to navigation databases. Location via browse function supported
  • Port on which XHSI listens for plugin data packets
  • Logging level
  • Aircraft orientation and navigation
  • Airplane symbol
  • Compass rose - oriented to horizontal path of the aircraft - covers up to 360 depending on window dimensions
  • Current aircraft heading pointer and numeric info
  • Track line and range scale
  • Groundspeed and true airspeed
  • Wind direction and speed with direction arrow
  • Selected heading bug
  • Position trend vector, depending on map scale
  • Navigation objects (fixes, VORs, ADFs, Airports, ILS localizers)
  • Radios
  • Type, frequency, name and DME information of tuned NAV and ADF radios
  • ADF and VOR head and tail pointers
  • Indicates whether radio has reception or not
  • Currently active FMS route and waypoints
  • Tries to deduct top of climb and top of decent points in flightplan
  • Waypoint markers show planned altitude
  • Next waypoint, time of arrival and distance to next waypoint
  • IP address and port of machine running HSI
  • Data rate for general flight simulator status updates to HSI
  • Data rate for flight simulators FMS data status updates to HSI

last updated on:
August 3rd, 2014, 11:27 GMT
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2.4 MB
developed by:
Georg Gruetter
license type:
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
binary format:
Universal Binary
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2 Screenshots
XHSI - Some preferences are available in this panel.
What's New in This Release:
  • choice of Boeing or Airbus style PFD
  • Airbus style PFD is highly optimized for QPAC A320 and PetersAircraft A320-A321
  • keyboard/joystick button command for auto-range on the ND
  • use the minimum runway length option when searching for the nearest airport
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