WorldCricketChampionship for Mac

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Entertaining and absorbing 3D cricket game that will allow you to play cricket in multiplayer mode against your friends or on your own

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While cricket is not as popular of a sport as football or basketball, it does take the third place in the top of the most popular sports around the world.

Being as popular as it is, especially in England, Asia and a number of other countries that have been under British influence, games that have it as a central theme are also quite easy to find.

Entertaining multi-player and single-player game for the cricket fans using a Mac

WorldCricketChampionship is an OS X cricket game that will allow you to play in both single and multi-player modes, depending on the availability of other players that would want to put their cricket prowess to the test against you.

The WorldCricketChampionship game makes it very simple to experience the atmosphere of many international courts, while also allowing you to hone your crickets skills playing against well-known cricket stars around the world.

Features an absorbing audio track and effects

Moreover, if you’re a cricket aficionado, you will be able to make the most of its nice looking graphics, as well as the immersive audio experience that lets you enjoy each and every inning as if it were your first.

What’s more, you can set the number of overs for each game between 5 and 40, according to the time you want to spend at the bat.

In addition, WorldCricketChampionship also features very smooth looking action replays and a variety of camera setups that make it simple to get an overview of all phases of the game from multiple viewing angles.

Inbuilt professional commentary designed to further help you immerse within the game's atmosphere

Furthermore, the WorldCricketChampionship game also comes with a integrated professional commentary track that will further immerse you within the game.

On the whole, you should get your bat tested in WorldCricketChampionship if a you want a game capable of meeting all your cricket fan requirements.

WorldCricketChampionship was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on October 29th, 2014
WorldCricketChampionship - The transparent map located in the top right corner of the screen helps you view your teammates position on the filed.WorldCricketChampionship - screenshot #2WorldCricketChampionship - The Power-up Inventory window helps you view a list with all available power-ups.WorldCricketChampionship - screenshot #4WorldCricketChampionship - From WorldCricketChampionship's main window you will be able to choose between World Cricket Championship, WPL and Fantasy Cricket League.

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