World Conqueror 2 for Mac1.3.3

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An easy to play tactics and strategy game with the action set during World War 2

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Grand strategy games are a strategy genre where you have access to a realistic world map,and your only objective is to defeat the other nations and become world leaders. World Conqueror 2 gives you exactly the same goals, and its action is set during World War II.

You will be able to fight against or with famous generals like Rommel, Patton, Montgomery and De Gaulle. One can choose to be a part of the Axis, or play with the Allies.

World Conqueror 2 brings multiple scenarios that you can play, 20 different generals that you can recruit, 57 different unit types and 28 tactical instructors.

On top of that, World Conqueror 2 brings great features like automatic saves, map zooming and game center support, as well as multiplayer support.

Additionally, there are 16 rank levels, 18 medals of honor and a ton of achievements that you can get by playing the game.

The overall map is quite easy to understand, and it's accurately recreated, according to the data that was available for the 1940's.

When a battle starts, you will view a screen where tanks and other units battle each other. You enter each battle with unique statistics, which can lead you to victory or loss.

Some items can be purchased in-game using medals. You can easily buy more medals from the Mac App Store after paying sums spanning from 3.99$ to 19.99$ for 3500 medals.

To summarize, World Conqueror 2 is one of the best WWII strategy games you can play on a Mac. It comes with online support and lots of gameplay options. For 2.99$, this is a steal, so download it right now.

World Conqueror 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Tanase
Last updated on November 15th, 2013
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