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An engaging and challenging puzzle game for Mac OS X that combines rules from Mahjong and Scrabble, which results in a fun gaming experience

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WordJong Blast is an addicting word puzzle game for the Mac OS X platform that combines elements from Mahjong and crossword puzzles. The goal is to form words with the letters on the tiles that are stacked on the board. What’s more, the game can be played in 3 modes: Battle, Daily and Party.

In the Battle mode, you are challenged to clear your path from AI opponents and reach the WordJong Mountain. In your quest, you must defeat 8 WordJong Masters by combining more letters and forming more words than them. In each level, different rules and settings are used.

Furthermore, the Daily mode provides you with a novel word puzzle every day, but you can also access the puzzle archive from the past by navigating a built-in calendar. You can play virtually hundreds of different puzzles in this mode.

In the third mode, namely Party, your objective is to make long and difficult words to obtain the best points. As a form of reward for your efforts, you will earn power-ups and different skills that you can use throughout the game to boost your score and impede enemies.

Other aspects of the game involve achieving high scores, ranks and viewing statistics that have been generated in time. Moreover, the special abilities include wild titles, bombs, coins and lots of other goodies. These power-ups might prove to be essential in obtaining the victory.

Taking everything into consideration, WordJong Blast mixes the right ingredients to provide many hours of entertainment in front of your screen. The varied gameplay modes, reward-based system and interesting Chinese-themed background story are some of the game’s best features.

WordJong Blast was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on January 24th, 2014
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