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Have fun building your own city that provides all the facilities of modern life in this entertaining yet challenging strategy game

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Building and managing a city is not an easy task but you can see if you are fit for the job in this entertaining strategy game. Virtual City Playground offers you the possibility to start a new city from scratch and take it to new levels of efficiency.

The game makes you start low, by building simple farm houses, mills and roads, but this is the way to create a self sustainable urban community. As your settlement develops, you can buy new land, while making sure there are transportation routes between all locations, in order to encourage commerce.

Virtual City Playground includes over 160 building types and decorations that can be spread throughout your city. You can build apartment buildings, schools, libraries, hospitals, fire stations, parks, cinemas, a philharmonic hall and many other entertainment sights.

What’s more, you must make sure you create a state of the art transportation system in order to allow your citizens to freely roam around your city. To keep everyone happy, you can even organize amazing events.

Virtual City Playground makes you go through over 300 quests that will help you grow your city and you will receive over 100 achievements if you are successful.

At the same time, make sure your city is able to manage the garbage amount it produces: develop a recycling program and plant trees to have clean air.

However, to get around faster in Virtual City Playground you can buy different credit upgrades via in-app purchases. This is not mandatory, but they will speed up the process: usually you need to wait for different elements and resources to charge or be produced/collected.

To conclude, Virtual City Playground is a challenging game in which you can build you own city by using different strategies, but you must either have the patience or the finances to play it.

Virtual City Playground was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 27th, 2015
Virtual City Playground - Here you can name your city.Virtual City Playground - The beginning of the game.Virtual City Playground - You reached a new level.Virtual City Playground - Creating a new trade route.Virtual City Playground - Constructing a new building.Virtual City Playground - screenshot #6Virtual City Playground - screenshot #7

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