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A very interesting strategy game for the Mac OS X that simulates the political environment of different eras and allows you to manage your own country.

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Historical set strategy games give you the opportunity to experience the reality of different eras and see how your own decisions could modify the state of things. Victoria 2 simulates political, economic and social events and you must use your skills to make the best decisions for your country.

You start of in the early 19th century and you must guide the country of your choice through industrialization and many other social and economical reforms. Since producing goods and distributing them is an important part of the era, you must set up factories and learn to develop markets.

Victoria 2 includes over 200 countries so you must deal with various governments in order to make things work. At the same time, your own population is divided by religion, occupations or education level: all these factors influence their reaction to your reforms.

The gameplay is influenced by the inventions you discover but you can also move your troops around in order to settle differences that have reached a diplomatic deadlock. However, you will also be guided through history by various missions.

What’s more, Victoria 2 comes with two extension packs: A House Divided and Heart of Darkness. The first one takes you through the American Civil War era, while the latter deals with the colonization. Keep in mind that the two game expansions come as separate purchases.

Finding your way around the game is fairly intuitive: the main area displays the world map and the different territories, while the top toolbar provides access to your statistics, mission panels, various tools and much more. In addition, Victoria 2 also includes support for multiplayer games.

To conclude, Victoria 2 delivers an interesting experience by simulating the political, economical and social situations of various countries through different historical eras. Apply your own strategical thinking to the equation and see if you can make your country one of the most powerful states in the world.

Victoria 2 was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 19th, 2015
Victoria 2Victoria 2Victoria 2Victoria 2Victoria 2

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