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A fun and challenging card game in which you have to protect your castle and defeat your enemy in order to expand your territory

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Two Towers is an engaging and addictive board game that will test your critical thinking as you try to protect your caster against enemy attacks.

Two Towers comes with eight different castles, each of them with its own domain that you have to defend and expand in order to gain more coins and spells. Your battles will use three different types of resources as follows: Gems, Mana and Troops.

The production facilities capable to produce your resources are the Mines for the gems, the Monasteries for the Mana and Barracks for the troops. The number of owned buildings determines the number of resources you will receive with each turn.

To begin a battle a player can use the Ordinary Spell to gain 3 mana, 3 gems and 3 troops or the Ancient Spell to remove 30 points from your enemy’s wall. From within the in-game window you can keep track of your and the enemy’s resources and monitor your tower and wall height as well as your enemies wall and tower’s height.

The bottom panel helps you play or discard a card while the top toolbar helps you pause or resume a game. For every card you play you also have to play a certain amount of resources, if you don’t have enough resources your card will be locked.

Throughout the game you can increase your rank from Newbie to Follower, Experienced, Senior and Master. The higher the rank the better the spells you can buy or earn from your domain. Also, there are four ways in which you can win a game: by destroying your opponent’s tower, by building a tower of a certain level, by collecting all the necessary amount of resources or if your opponent gives up.

Two Towers comes with intuitive point and click game controls, 114 hand drawn game cards and 28 magical spells. Additionally, Two Towers offers a multiplayer game that you can play via Apple’s Game Center.

Two Towers was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 14th, 2014
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