Truck Jam for Mac1.0

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Entertaining truck racing game designed to help you experience the thrill of driving a truck at high speeds on a variety of off-road circuits

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The Truck Jam game has been designed from the get-go to provide you with a driving experience to remember, and racing circuits that allows you to go anywhere you want on the map.

Although fun at start, Truck Jam soon becomes quite repetitive and, in spite of its gaming engine that offers real-like physics interaction with your opponents, as well as the nice looking 3D graphics, it doesn’t quite keep you immersed and ready to go for another round.

The main culprit could be the fact that Truck Jam’s AI is very easy to beat and, once you get a truck that allows you to beat your challengers to the finish line, you’re always going to do it.

Race your opponents on more than one circuit and in multiple racing modes

On the bright side, Truck Jam comes with four different gaming modes that will keep you busy trying to defeat your contenders in more than one way and on multiple racing circuits.

Moreover, Truck Jam allows you to choose between multiple camera viewpoints, as well as control modes, thus making sure that you get enough variation to get over the repetitive racing action and the not so intelligent AI.

Racing statistics for easy and fast skill overview

In addition, the Truck Jam game also features a built-in statistics module that helps you quickly get an overview of you and your competitors capabilities, as well as the means to improve yourself if needed.

Truck Jam’s non-linear career mode is yet another feature you can enjoy, taking advantage of its plethora of unique challenges and events to test your truck’s potential to the limit.

Truck-themed racing game for the Mac with a strong focus on simple and easy gameplay

All told, Invictus Games' Truck Jam can be quite a fun to play Mac racing game, if you can get over the repetitive gameplay and its not so impressive AI.

Truck Jam was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on October 15th, 2014
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