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Entertaining and fun to play board game in the style of Monopoly, with an added in-game trading feature to make it a little more strategic

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Economy strategy games come in all sorts of flavors and the most popular of them all, Monopoly, has been redesigned and relaunched many times, in the hopes of creating a new gaming hit.

Trade Mania is a game created in the likes of Monopoly which, although featuring an in-game trading market, will not blow the other Monopoly remakes out of the water.

Entertaining trading strategy game with a fun and enjoyable gameplay

More precisely, although enjoyable, Trade Mania does not have the big guns needed to stand out in front of other similar titles. Despite this, Trade Mania is an entertaining game that makes it easy to spend countless in front of your Mac’s screen, in an attempt to drive your opponents to bankruptcy.

Trade Mania will allow you to play against your friends or against a variety of computer controlled virtual adversaries. These virtual contenders’ skill level can be easily tweaked to match your own or to challenge you in order to better your game at their expense.

In-game trading market and adjustable game speed

The trading market enables you to gain extra profit that can be used to overpower the other players on the city’s market in order to help you get in control of their financial assets.

While playing Trade Mania, much as was the case with Monopoly, you can get cards designed to help you win various bonuses, which will further cement your position as the owner of the city’s leading business.

What’s more, Trade Mania makes it simple to hone your skills by analyzing the players’ statistics and by allowing you to adjust the game speed to make it even harder to beat your rivals.

Oversimplified Monopoly styled arcade game with a focus on beginners at this gaming genre

All things considered, despite providing an enjoyable pastime, Trade Mania is not a very challenging game and, because it loses its appeal overtime, it has very low replay-ability value. In spite of that, Trade Mania could be a good choice for children to learn the basic skills needed to play Monopoly.

Trade Mania was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on April 1st, 2015
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