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Prove your BMX riding skills and become a professional rider by performing stunning tricks in breathtaking locations from all corners of the world

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Touchgrind BMX is a fun, engaging and entertaining sports game that enables you to control various BMX bikes on challenging and demanding tracks.

Test your BMX riding skills and complete all challenges

Your main objective in Touchgrind BMX is to perform multiple outstanding tricks in order to try and complete as many challenges as possible.

Throughout the game you will travel to different corners of the world and compete for the gold medal. Your gaming skills play an essential role in pulling off all sort of crazy jumps and tricks that could create your path to victory.

It is recommended to play Touchgrind BMX using your MacBook’s trackpad or Apple Magic Trackpad for a better control over the bike and smoother gaming experience.

You also have the option to take control of the ride using you mouse but it will prove difficult to link tricks and control the bike at the same time.

Take advantage of the true physics and intuitive game controls

The great thing about Touchgrind BMX is that you can try any trick you could imagine as long as you have the skills required to safely land without crushing.

Touchgrind BMX’s HUD makes it easy for you to monitor your score multiplier and keep track of your current score. The name of the performed trick is immediately displayed in the middle of the screen when the trick is completed.

Earn medals, complete challenges and unlock new locations and bikes

At the end of each track you’ll be able to view the number of grabbed points and check the challenges you managed to complete, as well as the ones you failed to complete.

You are required to collect a certain number of adrenaline points in order to unlock new bikes and colors. From Touchgrind BMX ’s in-game main menu you can rotate the globe and reach different locations from various exotic or popular locations.

Touchgrind BMX was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 31st, 2014
Touchgrind BMX - Your main objective in Touchgrind BMX is to complete all challenges and grab as many points as possible.Touchgrind BMX - You need to learn how to link tricks and land without crushing your bike.Touchgrind BMXTouchgrind BMXTouchgrind BMX - At the end of each round you will be able to view the completed challenges and the number of collected points.Touchgrind BMXTouchgrind BMXTouchgrind BMX

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