Tiny Troopers for Mac1.2

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Use your commander abilities in order to lead your platoon of small soldiers through different war zones and defeat all encountered enemies

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Tiny Troopers is an entertaining and addictive tribute to Amiga’s action-strategy shoot ‘em up game that offers immersive graphics, engaging missions and troop upgrades to the troop-based action game.

As you take control of a platoon of crack soldiers and explore the dangerous environment, you will discover that size doesn’t matter for the little men of war. You will have to deploy your soldiers in different war zones and battle your way out of the campaign game mode.

Thanks to Tiny Troopers’ intuitive and accurate game controls, you can use your firepower and precisely target your enemy. In spite of your soldiers’ size, the explosions are big and accompanied by impressive visuals and sound effects.

Your main objective in Tiny Troopers is to guide your troops behind enemy lines and complete a wide variety of missions, from destroying the enemy base and blowing up different structures to escorting journalists through war zones and defeating all enemy soldiers.

There are a total of 30 dangerous missions that will take you across three chapters, which you have to complete in order to complete the narrative-driven campaign. Your troops will get stronger and more powerful after every complete mission. Promoting your troops is essential since all your missions are based on their skills and abilities.

What is more, Tiny Troopers offers a Zombie Survival mode that puts you in front of giant hordes of the undead. You have to use all available weapons and strategically take down zombies in order to survive the incoming waves of undead creature.

In conclusion, Tiny Troopers is a challenging and amusing top-down action game in which you have to help your tiny soldiers complete and survive various missions.

Tiny Troopers was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 27th, 2014
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