The Ur-Quan Masters 0.2.1

Mod sequel to the popular game Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters

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What's new in The Ur-Quan Masters 0.2.1:

  • Enhanced new ships! They're now fun to play with or against! New graphics! Additional voice acting! Tons of bug fixes. All sorts of sweet stuff.
  • Bottom line: Even if you have downloaded 0.2.0, do yourself a favor and download 0.2.1. You'll be amazed at the new&improved Baul and Foon-foon. Plus the 640x480 mode which ain't plagued by bugs anymore.
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8 The Ur-Quan Masters Screenshots:
The Ur-Quan Masters - The main window of the game, where you can start a new game or configure the settings.The Ur-Quan Masters - The main settings.The Ur-Quan MastersThe Ur-Quan MastersThe Ur-Quan MastersThe Ur-Quan MastersThe Ur-Quan MastersThe Ur-Quan Masters
It is the year 2165. Four years ago you travelled the galaxy, assembling the scattered forces of the old Alliance of Free Stars, striving to free the human race from Ur-Quan enslavement. You succeeded.

The Ur-Quan fled, leaving their Hierarchy forces in disarray. The Chmmr have emerged as the new leaders of known space and have asserted their authority.

Slave worlds have been freed. And a new era of peace has emerged. For their service to the Ur-Quan defense, Hierarchy battle thralls have been punished.

The New Alliance of Free Stars is rebuilding decimated homeworlds, and continues to drive out the scattered Ur-Quan from known space.

After many years of travelling the galaxy fighting the Ur-Quan, a peaceful life on Unzervalt with Talana beckons. You have devoted your years to the study of Precursor technology, not willing to be involved in diplomacy, politics or military operations.

But your new life must wait.  Alliance command at Procyon has received a distress signal from a Shofixti scout deep in unknown space. The urgent, garbled message refers to an enormous machine that destroyed several scout vessels upon contact. Then... only static.

The Chmmr have asked YOU to lead an expedition to travel to the distress site far from Earth to track down the Shofixti and neutralize this artifact.

As you punch through the fabric of truespace, you wonder: Am I ready for this?

Note: You must also download the Base content package and insert it inside to play the game. To unarchive the .7z archive, use e.g. 7zX or StuffIt expander.

Last updated on February 11th, 2012

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (-)

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