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Become the leader of Mims colony and help the little creatures reconstruct their spaceship, colonize planets and start a farming business

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The Mims: Beginning is a fun and entertaining real-time strategy game that puts you in charge of the Mims colony.

Mims are cute and adorable creatures in search for a friendly environment to colonize. Unfortunately, their intergalactic journey was interrupted by an asteroid that destroyed their spaceship and forced them to land on the nearby planets.

Your main objective in The Mims: Beginning is to complete a series of tasks in order to reconstruct the spaceship. In order to complete your tasks you need to properly develop and colonize the surrounding islands. You also have to gather as much energy as possible since is the essential element that can help you restore Mims’ vitality.

You can produce energy by using Biomass generators or Wind Turbines that need to be correctly places on the islands. You can order the Mims to pick up Bio fruits and store them in the Extractor to generate Biomass. As the ruler you have the power to create Defensive Mims and use the PSI power to defend your people from all sorts of creatures that are attracted by the scent of fruit and animals from your planet.

Furthermore, Mims’ knowledge enables you to create unique animals that you can grow and exchange for crystals that you can use to further develop your colony. However, you need to collect seeds form different plant species in order to feed your farm animals.

Throughout the game, you can build and upgrade a wide variety of buildings, plants and acquire useful PSI powers and teach your Mims new skills. Your PSI Tower helps you reinforce Mims’ supernatural abilities.

Moreover, The Mims: Beginning allows you to influence the development of the vegetation and fauna of your planet. Also, you need to keep under control the growing process and reduce it using the appropriate power.

The Mims: Beginning was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 11th, 2014
The Mims: Beginning - Your main objective in The Mims: Beginning is to help the creatures cope with problems and survive in the hostile environment.The Mims: Beginning - You can give them orders, construct various buildings and expand your colony.The Mims: Beginning - You also have to reconstruct the spaceship, collect energy build the required infrastructure.The Mims: Beginning - screenshot #4The Mims: Beginning - screenshot #5The Mims: Beginning - screenshot #6The Mims: Beginning - screenshot #7

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