The Architect 0.85 Beta

An interesting, addictive and challenging sci-fi puzzle game that will test your problem solving skills as you try to create a path out of the maze

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The Architect - In The Architect you can explore the surroundings and try to find a way out of the maze.The ArchitectThe Architect - Throughout the levels you need to collect green and blue space modifiers that can help you alter the surrounding environment.The ArchitectThe ArchitectThe Architect - There are three different difficulty levels between which you can choose before starting the game.The ArchitectThe ArchitectThe ArchitectThe ArchitectThe ArchitectThe Architect
The Architect is an absorbing and engaging labyrinth game that takes you to a dystopian universe where you are in control of a mysterious, yet insignificant, small object.

Built your path to the exit

Your main objective in The Architect is to alter and modify the surrounding environment in order to create a path that can take you to the exit. You have to carefully plan and double-check your moves before changing something, because each move is irreversible.

Easy-to-learn but difficult to master game controls

The gameplay is pretty straightforward, you can use the collected space modifiers to lift or descend the surrounding platforms and create a smooth path through various levels.

The green space modifiers allow you to lift a platform while the blue space modifiers help you lower the selected platform.

Powerful magnetic distortion fields

Take advantage of the many magnetic distortion fields and teleport your object to different parts of the labyrinth. What is more, the entire storyline is build around your character while the action takes place in a parallel universe and “begins at the edge of Creation”.

As you follow the story of the mystical object you will also learn the rules of the game. It is worth mentioning that some platforms cannot be moved and that you should always keep an eye on the available space modifiers.

Built-in level editor

Currently, The Architect is free while in closed beta and comes with a limited number of levels. However, you can use the built-in level editor and create even more challenging levels with numerous twists and traps. When you are happy with your levels you can share them with friends over the Internet. Moreover, The Architect features intuitive game controls, beautiful 3D graphics, immersive sound effects and soundtrack.

The Architect was reviewed by , last updated on March 13th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X (Intel only)

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