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Take on the role of a small goldfish that, unfortunately, escapes from the safe fishbowl and ends up in the ocean where you must eat to survive

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Tasty Blue is an entertaining and addictive adventure game that enables you to experience the life of a small goldfish with a constantly growing appetite.

Survive in the merciless ocean

Unfortunately, your owner overfed you and, as a result, you escaped into the ocean where numerous threats and opportunities await. Fortunately, this particular fish species is capable to eat anything smaller than itself, fact that allows you to eat everything you encounter during your adventure.

The great thing in Tasty Blue, is that the more you eat the bigger you get and fewer predators can hunt and eat you. However, you need to be careful and not overfeed the goldfish as you eat bigger fish, sharks and even people.

Help the weakened dolphin escape from captivity

The story of the growing goldfish also inspired a poor dolphin that find itself trapped in captivity and forced to jump through burning rings to earn his food. Consequently, you can need to help the captive dolphin to grow bigger and find a way to freedom.

What is more, Tasty Blue allows you to play as Nano-Shark, a very small, nano-tech shark capable to rapidly grow bigger and stronger. The powerful creature was designed and created by scientists in order to eat the out of control goldfish and dolphin. This might be the only thing that could stop the above mentioned creatures from devouring the human kind.

Play over 70 challenging levels and explore new worlds

The main story mode comes with over 50 engaging levels to which even more bonus levels are added. You can adjust the difficulty level based on your gaming skills and the environments that you need to explore.

On top of that, Tasty Blue offers a two player game mode, that allows you to compete against your friends for the available food. Both players can take advantage of the intuitive game controls, enjoy the sound effects and absorbing game dynamics.

Tasty Blue was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 17th, 2014
Tasty Blue - Your main objective in Tasty Blue is to grow the goldfish and gradually hunt bigger prey.Tasty Blue - You can use the boost to jump out of the water and eat everything smaller than the fish.Tasty Blue - Watch out for bigger predators that could hurt your fish and end the game.Tasty BlueTasty BlueTasty BlueTasty BlueTasty BlueTasty BlueTasty BlueTasty Blue

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